Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yandere Heaven Black Vol. 01

ヤンデレ天国 BLACK 01 ~真誠学園男子寮編~
Akabane Kenji (Himeno Yumiyoshi)
Majima Junji (Kei)
Hirakawa Daisuke (Nabari)

[Track List]

01 日常と交流
02 依存と背徳
03 痛みと切愛
04 浴場と欲情
05 執拗と束縛
06 争奪と選択
07 蜜月と恋~渓の隠処~
08 蜜月と恋着~雅人の隠処~
09 蜜月と恋着~双の隠処~
10 フリートーク
My first BL drama CD. Oh, my poor ears & innocence. This CD is too gokugen for me >////< It was too much. Too too too much. Uhuhuhu.. Back to the CD then. You, the listener is not part of this CD at all. So, Himeno Yumiyoshi is the protagonist meaning he is the UKE. Kei is a childhood friend & Nabari is tha caretaker of the dormitory. Both of them are the SEME. So story goes on normally till track 6.
T-t-t-track 7, 8 & 9 is the *cough*. Yeah.. =////= Track 7 is with Kei, track 8 is with Nabari & t-t-track 9 is a trio.. KYAA! >////< I can't believe I actually listened to this!!! =///A///= What's happening to me!?!? I even already download it's 2nd volume. NOOOOOOO!
So.. if you dont want to get addicted to this kind of thing, dont listen to this. I already fell victim to it QAQ I WARNED YOU!


  1. What's the PW for the file??

  2. Thank you very much, i can't wait to listen it. but... what's the password??? i can't download it, request a password to unlock file.

  3. Please look at the page 'Problems?'. The password is already written there ;D

  4. Track 1 and 4 seem to be unreadable files for some reason.

    1. so it seems :( i've replaced it with another link. hope this one works! ^^

    2. Thank you for responding so quickly! Is the other link on this page or is it the mediafire one? If it is, when I downloaded it, they still downloaded as unreadable files. It may just be my computer though ; V ; Thank you for trying to help so quickly senpai.

    3. Thank God! I just found a solution QwQ Those tracks that are changed to .file, just rename the track by adding .mp3 at the end. Does it work?

  5. I cant wait to listen to this,but................I cant find the password T.T Dont know where to look ><

  6. err...'problems' page???? me here.....i can't catch it up...=(

  7. kay..just found it!..nee..Kurarisu chan..i'm malaysian fujoshi too...!..yoroushiku nee~~

  8. What's the password?!? D:

    1. Never mind!! Found it!! ^w^

  9. as of now, there is no track 7,8 and 9 when i finished my download :/

  10. I can't access the download link! QAQ
    Please fix!